But I don't want a new phone!

Wait. So Apple has announced new iPhones again? I’m already way behind. I have an iPhone 6, and my daughter makes fun of me for how old and slow my phone is.

I suck at cellphones. I don’t answer any numbers I don’t recognize, rarely listen to my voicemail, and currently have 91 unread text messages (mostly from big group texts that I stopped paying attention to).

Maybe it’s, like, a residual thing from my many years as a reporter—when I had to be tied to my phone 24 hours a day. Whatever it is, I sort of resent my phone.

But now that I’m so far behind on the latest iPhones, am I going to have to just give in and upgrade? I go into cell stores like a kid being dragged to the dentist.

Louise AhernComment

These are good pens.

I love good pens.

No. Really. These are excellent pens. I discovered them at Target when looking for dog food (because who doesn’t end up in the pen aisle when looking for dog food at Target?). The fine point is perfect for writing in the small spaces in my planner, and the color doesn’t bleed through. Just passing this along for other pen aficionados.

Louise AhernComment