BULLPEN BLITZ DAY TWO -- Welcome Amy Olle!!

THIS IS THE BEST WEEK OF THE YEAR!!!! Baseball is back, and we're celebrating at The Bullpen with a Blitz of author interviews, giveaways, and virtual drinking. 

Today, I'm so excited to have Amy Olle here. She's the author of the contemporary romance series, The Nolan Brothers. I've read the first one -- Beautiful Ruin -- and I AM IN LOVE. If you haven't read it yet, DO IT NOW!!!! I'm giving away three Kindle copies today. Giveaway link is at the end of the interview.

Most important question first: What are we drinking today?

I'm a boxed wine girl! White Zinfandel (Vella brand, not Franzia) with ice and a splash of sparkling water. 

And what are we toasting to?

Today I'm toasting the completion of my second novel. Ahhh, so refreshing.


OK. Let's talk about your upcoming book, Sweetest Mistake. How about a teaser? Give us your favorite swoon-worthy paragraph or bit of dialogue between your hero and heroine.

From Sweetest Mistake, Chapter One:

She felt his eyes on her like a caress. “Do you take cream?”
Emily blinked at him. “Wh-what?”
“With your coffee?" His smile turned mischievous. "We’re doing this all out of order, I admit, but now that I’ve fondled your panties, I think it’s expected that I at least buy you a cup of coffee.”

All together now... OH MY.


In your mind, what makes for the perfect romance hero?

Jamie Fraser. Next question. No, but seriously, all of my favorite romance heroes have the same qualities. They're loyal, protective, understanding, intelligent, and they have a great sense of humor. I like an alpha male as much as the next girl, but I find the heroes with vulnerabilities so fascinating and sexy.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We can't let any mention of Jamie Fraser to pass without looking at him.

This is super important: Superman or Batman?

Superman. Because Henry Cavill. More philosophically, Superman is an outsider who wants to belong but knowing he can't, settles for protecting those he loves.

This is even more super important: Tom Hardy or Tom Hiddleston?

Tom Hardy. He ticks my vulnerable hero box. He's battled and overcome personal demons, and in his acting roles, he's fearless. So sexy. Also, I'm a sucker for an Irishman.


Last question: What will we see from you next?

I'm heading into the writing cave to begin work on book 3 in my Nolan brothers series, surfacing only for M&Ms and the all-important This or That debate! 

EDITOR'S NOTE: I will definitely have Amy back for more This or That debates!

LET'S GIVE AWAY SOME BOOKS!!!!! Click here to enter my Amazon Giveaway of Amy's first book, Beautiful Ruin. 

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