BULLPEN BLITZ DAY THREE -- Welcome Stacy Finz!!

I'm EXTRA happy today, because THE TIGERS WON THEIR SEASON OPENER LAST NIGHT against the Marlins. Pause for celebration...

Now help me welcome STACY FINZ to the Bullpen Blitz!!! Stacy is the author of The Nugget contemporary romance series, and at the end of the interview I'm giving away free copies of her latest release, Borrowing Trouble. 

OK, most important question first: What are we drinking today?

Uh, champagne of course. Though technically speaking it's sparkling wine because I like Roederer Estate, which is made not far from where I live in Northern California.


And what are we toasting to?

I'm toasting all of you and Lyssa Kay Adams, who was kind enough to have me on the Bullpen

Sounds good! Let's do it!!!

Let's talk about your book. How about a teaser? Give us your favorite swoon-worthy paragraph or bit of dialogue between your hero and heroine.

If I was to sum up Borrowing Trouble this is how I would do it: He’s a chef, she’s a cop. Neither came to town looking for love but it found them. Trouble is, so has their pasts. Here's a bit of dialogue to whet your whistle:

“Sloane, honey, look at me.”
She lifted her head and locked eyes with him. Man, they were blue.
“I left some trouble behind in LA. It hasn’t followed me yet . . . but now’s not a good time for me to get involved.”
It wasn’t safe for either of them. And then there was the fact that he didn’t do involvement. Ever.
giphy (15).gif

In your mind, what makes for the perfect romance hero?

He has to be smart, clever and confident. He can be a rogue or a player but at the end of the day he has to be honorable.

Super important question: Superman or Batman?

Batman. In a past life I was a newspaper reporter and Clark Kent bugged the crap out of me. Batman on the other hand . . . Mm.

Even more super important: Tom Hardy or Tom Hiddleston?

Tom Hardy. He's got that badass thing going.

Last question: What will we see from you next?

Heating Up, the seventh book in my Nugget Romance Series, is out July 19. It's a scorcher.


Woo hoo!!! Thanks for being here, Stacy! 

And now let's give away some books! Click here to enter my Amazon Giveaway for a copy of Borrowing Trouble.


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